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Why is it called Mulberry & Vine?

I really wish we had a good story but here goes….it’s the first name we came up with that no one hated and we were able to trademark.

Is all of your food organic?  

We try. We really do!  It’s very expensive for a farm to be certified organic yet many smaller farms use organic practices.  We opt for local, small farms using organic practices over certified organic coming from far away places.

I’m vegan…paleo…gluten-free…ketogenic…macrobiotic…Whole 30…allergic to ___ what can I eat at Mulberry & Vine?

Lucky you. You came to the right place! Every single ingredient we use in each dish is listed on our website as well as in our restaurants.  We don’t promote a specific diet but we do promote transparency.

Is the salmon wild? 

It is not. It’s sustainably farm-raised from the cool, clean waters of Nova Scotia.  Wild salmon can cost up to 5 times more than farm-raised and, quite frankly, most fast-casual customers do not want to pay that.

Are you gluten-free certified?

Definitely not!  We’re accidentally mostly gluten-free but we do not, and never have, claimed to be a gluten-free restaurant. That’s our buddies over at Little Beet :-)

Do you have nutritional info?

What’s the difference between a plate and a bowl? 

A bowl is the same as a plate except it comes over a bed of greens and in a bowl as opposed to a 3 compartment plate.

Can I try a sample? 

Please! The only time we can’t sample is if the item is a full portion and sampling would be impossible (for ex: roasted chicken, avocado, salmon).

Do you deliver or cater? 

We do both. You can order delivery directly through our website (we also have an app!) and we're available on Seamless, GrubHub, UberEats, and Caviar. Catering is done through our website.

Can I have the yogurt on the avocado served on the side? 

One of our core values is to find the yes but sadly this is one that’s a ‘no’.  We are able to offer great ingredients at a great price due to the volume of food we serve. The kitchen prepares everything in advance and it would slow them down too much if we allowed substitutions.  

How much sugar is in the lemonade or iced tea?

No added sugar is in the tea and we add the smallest amount of organic cane sugar to our lemons to turn them into lemonade.

How often do you change your menu?

We change 2 or 3 items every 6-8 weeks.  We would love to do it more but it almost always causes a mini revolt when we pull an item from the menu.  Everyone has their favorite… and your favorite is different than your buddy’s favorite.

Why is everyone always smiling?

Because we play really good, really loud music :-)  We have very high standards and we aim for 100%, 100% of the time.  This leads to an enormous amount of job satisfaction. And really happy employees.  

How do I order gift cards?  

We really hate to say no to anything but gift cards are surprisingly expensive. In order to properly track them, we need to run them through our point of sale system called Toast. Toast charges a monthly fee per location and we just don’t have enough requests for gift cards to justify the cost.

How do I enroll in the loyalty program?

It's super simple! Download our M&V App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Get $5 off when you sign up, and for every $80 you spend, you get $8.